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Oven baked jacket potatoes

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The Spuddy Buddy spud range

Spuddy Buddy Aussie spud
Spuddy Buddy Cowboy Mexicana spud
Spuddy Buddy Buttered spud
Spuddy Buddy Hawaiian spud

Who we are

Spuddy Buddy was founded in the Central West of New South Wales as a healthy alternative to the food you so often find at shows and festivals. We're eye-catching, we're fast, we're healthy and delicious, we offer great value for money and we know you'll want to come back for seconds!

The shiny black food van with the little gold Spuddy Buddy man grabs attention wherever we go. Fellow travellers toot as they pass us by on the road. Folk track us down at shows when they've heard we're in town...

'Your spuds are bloody beautiful',.. 'Best potato I've ever had',.. 'We've been hanging out all week for you to get here'..

Spuddy Buddy spuds make people happy, and that makes US happy! And judging by the happy faces on our photos page we'd say spuds are a great meal for every occasion.Mr Spuddy icon

Through trial and error, we have now perfected the baking technique to produce a potato that's crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. One bite and you're hooked. All our ingredients are fresh Aussie produce. No preservatives. No additives. Nothing processed. Gluten free.

Our potatoes are perfect for a meal at a family day out. There are no long queues; they're healthy, smell great and taste fantastic! Adults and children alike will love them.

The potatoes are filled with delicious savoury fillings and topped with sour cream, fresh chives, and tasty cheese. Savoury filling choices include The Aussie, The Cowboy Mexicana, Spuddy's Hawaiian, and The Buttered Spud.

Spuddy Buddy is not just a simple endorsement for healthy eating. It will also satisfy a wealth of other catering event opportunities. Whether winter or summer, markets or shows - they're all prime opportunities for Spuddy Buddy. Imagine the smell of a warm baked potato drifting across your event...!

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FREEBIE - download our educational kids' colouring book (8.5MB): Spuddy Buddy colouring book

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